Thursday, May 12, 2016

Group 2, thursday

Singing! That was a starter of this day. Everybody got together at theater hall with the music teacher Joost Mol and sang a happy birthday in all of our languages to one of the Finnish teachers, Milla Aaltonen, since she has her birthday today! CONGRATS!

We also sang couple of songs in kanon in groups. It was kind of hard. After that, we had a coffee break and continued our task 2. Our package is almost ready. Next we build up our exhibition ready for tomorrow, and then we go home. Or...

... To the barbecue at Veerle's place tonight! We are waiting for it anxiously, since it's still so good weather and almost all of us viwo students are going. We are all buying something to eat and drink from the supermarket, and then share them all at the barbecue. There is going to be vegetarian and meat grills separated, so that everyone can eat what they want but the vegetarians can keep away from the meat. Can't wait!

Veerle, Muusa & Gara

Group 4, Day four

Today we met up in the theatre room to sing in a choir. And then we continued our TASK 2 and finished TASK 1.

The choir was something I enjoyed, but I am not sure if I would do it again.

Why do you want to know? Ha.Ha.Ha, greetings.

I like singing so the choir was fun. Yup.

I'm just visiting in this blog and photobomb this picture :):):):):):)

Group 1 day 4

So we haven't done much today yet(just finished the projects and so on) so there's not much to say. We started the day by singing a bit in a choir with all the viwo-students and a few first years from the Friese Poort school.
Now we're done with our assignments and we'll probably start building the exhibition just after the lunch.
There's a nice weather outside and we'll be having a lot of free time later today and we're looking forward to having the barbecue later at Veerles place.
Hope ya'll will be having a good day. Greetings from group 1(Jimi, Anne-Maartje, Elvin)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Group 5: Marika, Vicky & Hinke

Today was the third day of the program. We didn't got any time to blog yesterday, as it was quite a busy program. The day started off with an hour of cultural history of Jan, a teacher of the dutch people here in Drachten. We ended the lecture with a game, called sjoelen. Sjoelen is a typical dutch game where you have wooden slices which you have to shove in different holes. The finish people won. After lunch we walked to the museum, in the hot sun. It was a museum about dadaism in Drachten. The third day - today- consisted off making the package design for the dutch food.

In our opinion, the museum was wonderful, we were quite tired, but the exhibition was good. In fact it was the best museum Vicky ever went to. She wanted to stay forever, but we had to go to dinner. The statue (patsas in Finnish) in front of the museum was also nice to look at, a long slender man and a overweight smaller woman who held out their hands. After the tour we made the collages, with random pieces glued on the paper. It was a shame that there was so less time.

Monday in the evening we went to the restaurant in the school, but there was a mistake and we couldn't get dinner there, that damn people didn't let us in, we were very hungry, we almost ate each other's hands. Luckily Janet found us a nice Chinese restaurant that could serve us all diner. Luckily we could go to the restaurant of the school yesterday, and ate delicious soup, schnitzel and wonderful ice cream (Hinke could eat a while bucket of it).

Today wasn't a good day for Hinke, as she overslept. In the meantime Vicky and Marika were already quite productive, and continued with the moodboard of the package design. We made the base of the package, and only need to design it, print it and paste it on the box. The lunch was nice, as we got sugared bread (Suikerbrood in Dutch).

Another nice thing of the day were the 3D pens. We got to make all sort of things, like rings, cubes and beetles. It was quite hard, but fun to work with.

Tomorrow we will sing (choire) with the other students and finish the package design. We get a free evening, to go shopping in Drachten (which is nice, of course).

Group 4, Day Three

Today we met in the "Atelier" were we continued our task two, redesigning a package.
It was a calm day as we started to digitalize some sketches we made. Such as patterns and other thing we needed for the new package.
We continued the digitalizing of our sketches, some small things needed to be done as well, like printing TASK one and preparing that for our exhibition.

Today was a very peaceful but yet very funny day! I talked a lot with my teammates and learned new Finnish words like PORO! I ended up talking a lot with the people.

It was a nice day today! I enjoyed a much the time here and I am gaining a lot of new experiences with the different people!

It was a fun day. We did a lot of work and I learnt how to use the Illustrator! It was hard at first but with the help of others I got things done. :)

Group 1 day 3

We spent the entire day making the packages for our assignment. Time flied and soon the day was over and our project had been completed and thew final result is much better than we expected, which is very nice. We had many ideas of how we could do our package at first, but we quickly managed to pick one out of the other options and soon got to working with the project.
Some of us had problems with using computer programs like illustrator a bit but we managed to get everyone something to do.
Also, everyone in the viwo-project seem to be getting along better, which makes working with the group much easier and fun.

Greetings, group 1 (Jimi, Anne-Maartje, Mery, Elvin)

But first, let me take a selfie.

No description, just enjoy our faces.